Martial Arts in Omaha, NE

Tiger Rock Academy offers martial arts in Omaha, NE along with a variety of specialized seminars and classes. We understand that not everyone has the time to train in our martial arts classes and they still want some self-defense skills. So, we have put together seminar based instruction that can be made available for everyone!

We have martial arts for all age groups. Select the one that’s appropriate for you!
Early Cubs 3-4 | Tiger Cubs 5-6 | Juniors 7-11 | Youth 12-15 | Adults 16+


Have you noticed how crazy the world has become…especially with the daily reports of violence?

Do you ever feel like just making it through the day is stressful?

Adults find a solution to both of these issues at Tiger Rock Academy. Things can be crazy and stressful sometimes, and we can show you how to do something about it! Learning practical self-defense through traditional Taekwondo is empowering and the great workouts relieve stress in a way that other workouts just can’t match. Fitness fads come and go, and they usually fail to deliver……so find out more about why more professionals, parents, and students come to Tiger Rock Academy for martial arts Omaha NE and get REAL results.


Looking for cross training and the competitive advantage for sports?

Want to give your son or daughter the positive structure and formula to support their success as they approach adulthood?

At Tiger Rock Academy we know that this can be a challenging time for young people when they are faced with a lot of decisions and pressures in life. We have put together a positive Youth Taekwondo program for your son or daughter to train where they can excel to their own potential and stand up to the pressures they face.

When it comes to sports we have the success record of training athletes at every level including collegiate and professional football champions. So when it comes to cross training, we can provide the competitive advantage you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, when your teenager is surrounded by other positive teenagers, they have the right kind of support system and peer group to help them stand up to negative influences.


Would you like to protect your son or daughter from bullying?

And would you like to give them a HUGE advantage over all the other kids at school?

We know that your child will be competing against the other kids….at times in sports and more importantly in grades and eventually getting into the right schools and qualifying for scholarships. If you wait too long, it will be too late. To win, your child needs the extra edge that can give them the advantage. Our Juniors Taekwondo program has been proven through University Studies to improve children’s self-esteem, social initiative, reduced fear of failure, focus and more. These are all qualities that lead to better grades and the confidence to achieve more! And confidence is a child’s best defense against bullying! To get your child involved with martial arts Omaha NE call 402-718-8552.

Tiger Cubs

Ever feel like your child’s energy is growing by leaps and bounds?

We can help your child develop focus AND provide a positive outlet to burn off all that extra energy! Our Tiger Cubs Program teaches kids about stranger awareness, fine motor skill development, anger management, and even more about concentration and listening skills.

Mom and dad aren’t on the floor for these lessons and Tiger Cubs learn a sense of achievement by advancing through the Cub ranks.

Early Cubs

martial arts omaha neIs it ever too early to get your child started on the fast track to success?

Every parent wants their child to grow and learn! The friendly staff at Tiger Rock Academy can help you reach these goals.

Parents take part in the class with their son or daughter as they learn and practice listening skills, coordination, confidence, and more!

You child will laugh, play, and socialize; all while learning very valuable life skills and sharing the experience with YOU!

Call today, 402-718-8552, and get signed up with the top martial arts Omaha NE academy!