Self Defense Classes

self defense classesEver worry about your own safety? Self defense classes can help!

Do you know someone who’s been attacked or threatened before?

Are you tired of hearing news reports about how these attacks keep happening and so little is actually being done about it?

Then it’s time to take responsibility for yourself AND for your family. Though we have some great law enforcement teams in our area, they cannot protect every person 24/7 like a bodyguard even if they wanted to. The fact is that you have a right and an OBLIGATION to be able to take charge of your own safety. This doesn’t mean acting like some crazy street fighter you might see in the movies. It’s about learning very easy and very effective skills to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Too often people that live in nice areas think “that kind of stuff happens to other people…..not me”. And people with a “not me” attitude often end up being the people later with the “why me?” attitude after it’s already too late and they’ve become an unfortunate victim of a violent crime that they might have been able to prevent.

Our self defense classes and personal safety seminars are taught in a safe, professional environment either at our Academies or offsite when needed. We’ve worked with women’s groups for rape prevention seminars, kids and teen seminars, teachers, medical professionals, families and more.

We are committed to keeping our community safe and would like to send you more information on our Self Defense classes! Just tell us where to send it by filling out our contact box on the top right hand side of this page!